Vegan eating

Where to get vegan food in Palmy

When we first started this website, our options were comparatively limited compared to the options we have now. There really are a surprising number of places to get delicious vegan food, though it still helps if you know where to look. Here’s our compilation. This list does include places where the vegan options are extremely limited (ie salads)

Previously we had this list organised alphabetically and categorically, to be fair to all eateries. We have recently updated this with a ranking system, because some places cater to vegans better than others, and we want that to be clear in the information we provide.
Name links will take you to the Happy Cow page, so you can get a range of different reviews.

If you disagree with any ranking below, feel free to email us at, or comment below

God tier (A+)

From HappyCow
“Serves an all-vegan cafe style menu of plant based beverages and food, including a good selection of cabinet foods. All coffee is made with a choice of 4 alternative milks.
Open Tue 8:30am-3:30pm, Wed 8:00am-4:30pm, Thu-Sat 8:30am-8:00pm, Sun 9:00am-3:30pm. Closed Mon”
Gluten-free options available

Wholegrain Organics  -Vegan cafe and shop on the Square with a range of options including pizza, soup, and salads, as well as began baked/raw goods including cakes, cheesecakes
Some sweet stuff includes honey so be sure to check first

A Tier
The places that aren’t fully vegan, but have a good range of vegan options

Munch (Downtown Eatery)
– Has a good selection of vegan options, including burgers, salads, and sweets.
Completely gluten-free

The Bean Cafe (Broadway Ave)
– Has a vegan menu

Cafe Royale  (the Square, back of the Square Edge Arts Centre)
-Several vegan counter options (including cake), options vary daily
-Vegan menu

Yatai Japanese Resturant (Featherston St)*
-have an entire vegan menu! Just ask

Eaten Alive Raw Foods (Made to order)
-Everything is raw and vegan

B Tier
These places still have really nice vegan options, but not the vegan specific love found in the higher tiers.

Burgerfuel (Fitzherbert Ave)
– V8 Vegan
– Combustion Tofu burger, without vegan aioli
– Motobites
– Soy Shakes

Domino’s Pizza (Albert St, or Pioneer Highway)
-All pizza bases are vegan
-Garlic bread
-Vegan menu, including vegan meats.
Note, there have been many order mixups nationwide since the launch of the new vegan meat, be sure to specify vegan and dairy free when ordering.

Hell Pizza (Taonui St)
– Sinister
-Vege Saviour
-Gluten free garlic bread
-Vegan cheese available

Pita Pit (Cuba Street, Main Street)
– All pita breads are vegan
-Sweetcorn, Coriander & Chilli filling
-Polenta & Super Grain Sticks
These may be cooked on the same grill as the meat. (They can microwave it for you if you’d prefer)
Check their nutrition guidelines out before ordering so you know which sauces you can safely consume.

Subway (The Square, The Plaza, Cnr Main/Albert, Cnr Broadway/Princess, AND Rangitikei Street)
– Veggie Patties are vegan! (and delicious)
-White, wheat, roasted garlic, and wraps are vegan
-Sweet onion, and sweet chilli sauce
-Dairy free smoothie

Pompeii Pizza
– Vegan garlic pizza bread can be made on request
-Vegetarian pizzas if you remove the cheese
-Fries (oil is not used for deep frying other products)
-Green salad

Halikarnas (Fitzherbert Ave)
– Falafel kebab
– Falafel meal (just request no yoghurt, and extra hummus!)

Pacha’s Kebab Cafe
-Everything except the meat, cheese and dairy-based dressings is vegan.
And the frier oil is used only for chips and falafel, so is fully-vegan.
Ask Pacha if you’re unsure about anything – he’s a star!!!

Chada Thai (Broadway)*
– Vege spring rolls
– fried rice (soy or basil- just request no egg and vegan- tofu an option 🙂 )
– Cashew nut and rice

Saigon Corner, Princess St
-Lots of vegan options, including spring rolls, vege curry, stir fry tofu

-Can veganise everything pretty much, just ask

Dos Locos Tacos Trailer (The Square)
-Vegetarian burrito and taco can be veganised
(They can often confuse vegetarian and vegan so make sure to be clear that you don’t want sour cream or cheese)

Arranged Marriage – The Square, where Nandos used to be
– Dosa, masala, a lot of items are able to be made vegan

Indian Love Story – Hokowhitu Village
All the items that have V on the menu are vegan
-Onion bhaji
-Gobi pakora
-Mango coconut cooler
– Can customise a lot of the vegetarian mains to be vegan
-Mango coconut cooler

Bombay Masala
– Samosa, without yoghurt
-Board has a key for which curries can be made dairy free

Peacock Indian
-Has a vegan menu

Royal Garden Indian Resturant (The Square)
-A lot of the vege currys can be made dairy-free
-Roti, without butter

Indian Indulgance (George St)
– Wide range of vegan menu items

Indian Takeaway – College St
– Wide range of vegan menu items

Star of India (Rangitikei St)
-A lot of the vege curries can be made dairy free-Roti, without butter

Ocggi Sushi (in Downtown Mall, and in the Plaza)*
-vegetarian sushi

The Sushi Shop (The Square)
A range of vegan sushi, most of the items that don’t obviously have meat, egg, or cream cheese are vegan

Zumak Sushi (Main St)*
-spring rolls
-vege sushi (no egg)

Wabi Sabi (Broadway)*
– Vegetarian Bento
– Tofu Steak
(have asked and miso soup is bonito-free)

Fresh bowl
– Fried tofu with noodles and veges
– Rice and salads
Let the chef know you’re vegan to confirm which sauces you can have

Noodles and Dumplings (The square)*
Cold Dishes
– Seaweed with Garlic
– Tofu with Spring Onion (that’s the cold tofu dish)
– Deep Fried Peanuts
– Five Spices Peanuts
– Black Fungus
– Spring Onion Pancake
Noodle Soup
– Vegetarian Noodle Soup
– Cold Noodle Soup (authentic but need to ask not to add sausage)
Dry Noodles
-Sesame Paste on Noodles
Hot dishes
– Ma Po Tofu (ask not to add mince)
– Braised Eggplant and Potato on rice

Angkor, corner of George St and Coleman Place
– Happy to make quite a few things vegan

Cafe Eminem(Broadway)
-Falafel kebab
-Veg pizza, without cheese

Z Energy (Rangitikei St, Pioneer Highway, and Main St)
-A variety of vegan pies, as well as other snack foods etc.

C Tier
These are places with one, or a couple of vegan options. They’re okay if you’re with a group and have no say in the restaurant choice, but you wouldn’t organise to go there with your vegan crew

Bethanys (The Square)
-Warm Vegan Salad (GF, DF)
(Pan roasted gourmet potatoes, courgette, red onion, baby carrots, peppers, tomato and button mushrooms, with marinated olives, artichokes, cashew nuts, baby leaf salad, finished with beetroot coulis and apple syrup, recommended!)

The Cooperage (Main St)
– Vegan salad

Double Shotz
-Vegan California (Roasted paprika potatoes with sauteed garlic, mushrooms, tomato, avocado, and spinach*

Rendezvous Restaurant (Summerhill)*
-vegan salad

The following vegetarian menu items can be veganised
-Nachos by removing cheese and sour cream
-Roast vege salad by removing feta and aioli
-Burritos by skipping the cheese, sour cream, and coleslaw

Brewers Apprentice
-Vegan menu if you arrange in advance

-Very accommodating to vegans*

Rose and Crown
-Vegetarian and vegan menu behind the counter*

Joseph St Kitchen (Joseph St)
-Vegan salad
-Smoothies can be made with soy milk and without yoghurt
-Ask them about what other vegan goodies they can make

D Tier
If you’re drunk and hungry, and don’t want to be one of these people, then these are better than the alternative.

Annies Takeaways
Cook in vegetable oil, but use the same friers for everything
-Vege spring rolls
-Potato/pineapple fritters (batter is just flour and water)

Burger King
-Hash bites
-Onion rings (The beer battered ones contain dairy though)
-Side salad
-Vege burger without cheese or mayo

McDonalds (Princess/Fergusson St, Rangitikei St, The Plaza)
-Hash browns
-Apple pies
-Create your taste burger can be made vegan

E  Tier
Just chips and/or salads for you

Wharerata, Massey University
-Salad, or salad sandwich on request.
Nothing on the set menu is vegan due to little demand, if you do plan on dining there, do let them know in advance, and hopefully they will be able to whip up something a bit more substantial.

Cafe Jacko (George St)
-Can make a vegan salad on request

F Tier
We cannot, in good conscience, recommend these places

None yet, thank goodness.

* denotes places which have previously, but may not currently have vegan foods on the menu. Feel free to pop in and confirm for us 🙂

Do you have, work at, or know of other vegan-friendly dining establishments in Palmy? Please leave a comment to let us know.

4 thoughts on “Vegan eating

    1. Thanks for your question. In New Zealand, cannibalism is discouraged, so it would be better to source this information from other sources. Meanwhile, there are plenty of cruelty-free eateries located all around Palmerston North. My personal favourite is the Royal Garden Indian Restaurant on the Square. Try the Chana Masala, it’s delicious 🙂


  1. Hey, I really appreciate your website as a vegan in Palmy however I’m pretty uncomfortable with the inclusion of such chains as McDonalds, Burger King, & Subway as I feel that one may as well not be vegan at all if they are supporting global giants such as this. These companies, as well as supporting large scale animal exploitation of mind-boggling and horrific proportions, are having a massively disastrous impact on the environment and ones health too of course. If these companies, and indeed unbridled capitalism as we know it, continue to go on unchecked for much longer then I really worry about the state of the world that our children and our childrens’ children will be inheriting. I am not going to take the time now to reel off some of the downright abhorrent stats on the way that Mother Earth and all her creatures are suffering on so many levels at the hands of , because I feel as though vegans are likely to already be aware of this kind of thing, perhaps. Surely supporting these awful businesses should be discouraged? These are multi billion dollar, multi national establishments which will not cease until we stop supporting them with our dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I really do see the benefits of this website because it’s great for folks to be able to see how veganism really has become more do-able and more accessible so well done. I hope you understand where I am coming from with this feedback.


    1. Hi there.
      I’ve been thinking about this ever since I received this message, and I definitely agree with your sentiment, but would rather not choose which places are mentioned on the site, as the purpose is to highlight all vegan options. What would be fantastic, however, is if I could reference some information on awful multinational establishments, so that our readers can better make up their own minds. Do you have any articles you could recommend I reference?


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