Where can I find…

Often, we wonder “where can I buy this”. Here is a collation of all the commonly, or not so commonly used vegan ingredients and where you can find them in Palmerston North

Bulk Dried beans/nuts/spices:
Cook St Mini Mart
Davis Trading
Steves Wholefoods
Chia, flaxseed, sesame, etc:
The organic aisle of Countdown
Davis Trading

Organic Living (Angelfood)
Pak N Save (Angelfood Mozzarella)
Pioneer New World (Angelfood Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, and Cheesy Sauces, in the chiller by the dairy mozz)
Melody’s New World (Angelfood Mozzarella)
Countdown Kelvin Grove, Rangitikei Street, and the Plaza (Angelfood)
All supermarkets sell Whitakers Dark choc
Davis Trading has the Trade Aid dark choc, as does the Trade Aid shop
Pak N Save has Sweet William

Cocoa Butter

Steves Wholefoods, Organic Living, New World Broadway

Coconut Condensed Milk
Davis Trading

Coconut Oil:
Davis Trading (cheapest in price)
Most supermarkets
Organic Living

No confirmed sellers in Palmy, members have recommended http://www.eternaldelight.co.nz/

Ice cream

Like Licks available at New World
Little Island available at Countdown, New World, Organic Living, and Pak N Save
Nice Blocks available at Organic Living and the Green House
So Good available at Countdown and New World
Coyo avalable at New World

Davis Trading (frozen or tinned)
Moshims (tinned)

Mock Meats:
The Fry’s vegetarian range is sold at New World, Countdown, and Pak N Save as are Sanitarium tinned meats, and Tonzu and Bean Supreme Sausages
Sunfed chicken is available at New World Pioneer, Melody’s New World, and Countdown
Cook St Minimart sells vegan “Soyameat”, specifically prawn, chicken, and mutton, in the room to the right of the shop when you walk in, behind the counter.
Davis Trading has a freezer full of them, check the ingredients labels though, as some contain dairy/egg. They have also stocked tinned mock abaloney/duck.
Just Right Grocer on the corner of Park Road and Marne St sells Wholeperfect foods fake meats, some of the cheapest ones around.

Nutritional Yeast:
Organic Living
Steves Wholefoods

Organic fruit and veges:
Main Street Market, Saturday
Organic Living, Terrace end
Wholegrain Organics, Tuesdays at the Square

Soy Beans
Steves Wholefoods

Soy Lecithin:
Bulk bins at Pak N Save

Soy Milk Powder
Organic Living
Wholegrain Organics

New World, Pak N Save

All supermarkets in the chilled food section, Davis Trading, Just Right grocer sells fresh tofu as well, though not always have it available

Steves Wholefoods

Xantham Gum:
Davis Trading
Organic Living


Most supermarkets now sell a range of soy and coconut yoghut
Organic Living


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